Naama Pinhasov, a classical jewish Singer, Known for her colorful magical and unique Coloratura Soprano voice, has performed in a number of well-known musicals and shows all over the world and has appeared in famous television programs in Israel.
Naama was born in Jerusalem-Israel in 1978.She discovered her voice and her love for music at the young age of three when she began to perform at every chance she got. When she turned six Naama was named the official soloist of the national choir elementary school. In high school ,Naama successfully completed her Operatic music regents. After that Naama joined the Israeli Army where she was part of the national Israeli soldier singing group. After the Army, the young vocalist decided to study acting. From then, she began to star in musicals such as "The king and I" "The Golem" and "The Sirens".
In 2005, Naama competed in the Israeli version of American Idol. In 2008, she returned to television as a successful contender in the Israeli "Grease reality show".
In her 20 years on stages she has sung in many languages including English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Italian, German, Chinese and more
Today, Naama performs in high rank special events with a repertoire of musical theatre, Opera and a variety of Israeli songs Jewish songs.
Naama hopes to touch the hearts of many with her eccentric style of music and her voice...
She thanks everyone for their support.





Ani mibifnim אני מבפנים
Calling for you
Event אירוע
Singer and piano זמרת ופסנתר
Street spirit cover קאוור לרדיוהד
הופעה מחזות זמר
המופע "מברודווי למושב" ביערות הכרמל
המנון "התקווה" בהיכל נוקיה "Hatikva"
לאהוב To love
ליווי חתן וכלה "Calling for you" at the Hupa
מופע "אלקטרו אופרה"
מתוך התכנית גריז בערוץ 2 Grease reality show
נעמה בליווי כלי מיתר
סוס לבן Sus Lavan
עזיזם Azizam
על הבמה Al Habama
קבלת פנים חתונה
קובץ שירי המופע
רק רציתי שתדע-נעמה
תנסה Try

צור קשר


You can contact Naama on:

US California number: +1 323 740 0403
US Florida number: +1 813 750 9965
ISRAELI number: +972 545 230 932

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